Logo-Recycled Mississippi

Gary and his friends are sailing on the most polluted river on a recycled plastic bottle boat! ‘Recycled Mississippi’ aims to warn us about the damages we are causing to nature and to ourselves by keeping consuming plastic without any care or any search for alternatives. HOUSE OF iOCO is really proud to be one of the main sponsors of this wonderful and bold journey!


Muntigunung Development Program

Future for Children was founded in Switzerland in November 2004 with the purpose of financing projects to support sustainable development in destitute regions in Bali, with the main focus on the poor and extremely dry Muntigunung for almost 6000 people in 36 villages. In Bali, Future for Children cooperates with well reputed Indonesian development organizations such as Dian Desa and Mitra Samya as well as with the Udayana University of Denpasar.