Creative fashion studio

Our creative fashion studio is led by our Creative Director, Monica Ku, graduated from leading fashion school Central St Martin London. All our clothing samples are hand-made and produced with the same attention than for garment. We charge 45 USD per garment sample on top of the wholesale price. Our garment factory in Bali usually requires a minimum timeline of 2 weeks. The timeline may change. This depends on the quantity and complexity of the sample.


Pattern Drafting

The patterns of House of iOCO Fashion Factory are hand-made. Our senior pattern maker will adjust to your clothing design and ensures that your pattern is highly accurate. Our team is here to make your idea to come to life. For our garment factory, it does not matter if your design is simple or complex. It is also not a problem if your design comes from a garment sketch, a photo or an existing pattern. This is an important step in the creation of your garment and allows us to ensure a high-quality production.

The central part of a garment design process is the understanding of blocks and patterns. This means that you have to make a 2D template that records the body shape and these templates are used in making a 3D form for a body shape. Blocks provide the basic reference for the development of garment to fit a particular body size. These blocks are usually changed to suit the specific requirements of a designer. In the prêt-a-porter studio, blocks are constructed to conform to standardized size measurements while in couture these are adapted to an individual body shape.

Garment Marking & Cutting

House of iOCO Fashion Factory in Bali is very efficient and cost oriented to waste the least fabric possible and to maximize fabric yield for your garment.

Garment Size Grading

In a clothing manufactory, pattern grading is an essential part of pattern making. Grading rules determine how patterns increase or decrease to create different sizes. When you are grading, you are creating size run of varying dimensions and sizes. To do this, the grader needs to follow the grade rules. Fabric type also influences the pattern grading standards. It is important to take into account that knit will stretch more than woven and therefore, may require different rules. Each clothing design should have a size pack to guide and help the sewers.

Fabric Sourcing

With 20 years of experience in garment production and fashion industry, House of iOCO Fashion Factory in Bali have built up a very strong relationship with reliable fabric suppliers that can provide any fabric at high- quality and best price possible. Our garment manufactory has a large range of beautiful fabric in stock that might suit your garment design.

International Shipping

When your garment production is ready, House of iOCO Fashion Factory in Bali can send it to you wherever you are located. All your garment will be packed by models and sizes. We ensure the shipping under short notice. In case of an emergency, please note that we will do our best to provide your clothing as fast as possible.

Digital & Screen Fabric Printing, Fabric Dyeing & Beading

Our garment factory in Bali is an expert in beadings, dying, embroidery and hand stitch applique. We can also create amazing motives or prints for your own garment design/collection. We can do digital print, Batik print and we can assist you with the design.


House of iOCO Fashion Factory in Bali can create amazing uniforms for any market and for any kind of company. Think about high luxury hospitality, malls, restaurants, government institutions etcetera.

Our clients are Capella Hotel Asia, Beach walk Mall, Sip Wine Bar, Montigo Resort and more.

Final step for your garment

The final step for the creation of your garment collection is the production. Our quality is excellent and consistent thanks to our 20 years of experience. Our production can go from small quantities, with a minimum of 36 pieces per style with maximum of 3 colors and 3 size variety, to approximately 2000 pieces per month. If your samples are ready, do not hesitate to contact us to start the production process of your garment. If you fill up the sheet for every garment you need to produce, we will answer you timely.

High-quality control

As a clothing manufactory, House of iOCO Fashion Factory is very meticulous of every step of the manufacturing process. Before producing your garment, we follow a very exhaustive QC SOP list to deliver a defect free garment.

Fashion clothing photoshoot

House of iOCO Fashion Factory built partnerships with top professional photographers and makeup artists. Contact us to get more information about the fashion clothing photoshoot.